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Stuck waiting for the last episode of Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team!  So I’ve started watching Angel Eyes and I’m loving it!

Stuck waiting for the last episode of Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team!  So I’ve started watching Angel Eyes and I’m loving it!

Started watching Flower Grandpas Investigation Team.

Started watching Flower Grandpas Investigation Team.

A Perfect Match

Hyo Jin works at a match-making company and has to find the perfect match for Hyeon Su, a man she’s starting to like.

This a sweet romantic comedy.

The Classic


Ji Hye is in love with Sang Min, the guy her friend likes and who she is writing emails penning her name.

Sang Min is in the theater club of the university and even though he is hanging out with Soo Kyoung, he likes her friend, Ji Hye more.

And as these two bump into each other on campus and figure out what they feel for the other, Ji Hye reads the letters and journals her mother had hidden in a box.  She had thought they were letters between her father and mother since every time her mother read them she cried but as she starts to read them she unlocks the love story between her mother and her father’s best friend.  

These two stories have similarities as they seem to be parallel stories, in the end the love story comes to a full circle.  

A beautiful classic. 

Hot Young Blood

Set up in the early 1980s, it tells the story of Joong Gil, a young men with a Casanova reputation, and Young Sook, the leader of a girls’ gang.  These two had been friends during their childhood but because of family misunderstandings Joong Gil had pushed her away.  Young Sook always had feelings for him and is willing to step out in order to protect him.

I liked the story.  

The Suspect

Ji Dong Cheol was a special agent in North Korea.  After a number of assignments he returns to his country to find people from his own country have murdered his wife and his daughter.  He escapes to South Korea where he is framed on the murder of a person he worked with.  As he escapes the agents after him, he uncovers the truth about the murder and of the what happened to his family.  

Excellent movie.

You’re All Surrounded

This anticipated series didn’t disappoint at all.  Action packed with its moments of humor, sadness and love… 

Gangnam Police Station has been assigned four rookies for the detective division and will work in Team # 3 under the supervision of legendary detective Seo Pan Seok and his partner Lee Eung Do. Detective Seo declares the station a Disaster Zone and so it proofs to be in the beginning.  

His four charges don’t seem to have the right reasons to be there:

Eo Soo Sun applied because detective’s had a better salary.

Park Tae Il said that it seemed like fun.

Ji Gook admitted that he applied for the post because the one for Traffic was full.

Eum Dae Koo refused to say why he had applied for the position.

In spite of all the blunders they commit in the beginning, they mature and learn to be good detectives under Seo Pan Seok’s tough love and Lee Eung Do’s friendly ways.  

As they learn to become a team, they learn more about each other and come to understand their pains and secrets.  Here not many are what they seem and the ones you trust can be the ones that betray you and those you don’t trust, the ones that really look after you.

 And as they try to close the 11 years old murder of a school nurse case, their trust is tested, wounds resurface as the process of healing seems to be coming full circle.  

This series filled with humor, action, and suspense is a must see.

"Team leader, have you been well?
Nothing has changed at the Gangnam Police Station and all of your kids are doing well.

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"Being a detective wasn’t my dream, but I wasn’t okay at all. I didn’t want to give up and I didn’t want to run away. I may be learning nothing but how to fall for twenty-seven years, but it’s okay, because I have these guys next to me who helped me realize that fact, and because that’s youth."

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He’s my fave LOL too funny 😅