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Watching It’s Okay, That’s Love.

Watching It’s Okay, That’s Love.

고맙습니다 (Thank You)

The end left me wondering what happened.  What had been her answer to his question?  It seemed like she had decided to stay on her own with her daughter, but then he joined them at the beach.  Were they dating or just friends?

It is a sad story, not just because people are so ignorant to hurt a little girl because she’s a HIV carrier, but because Boma’s grandmother refused to admit the little girl was her granddaughter and because her father rather be just her friend’s uncle than be her father.  

Mr. Lee’s “thank you” farewell brought tears to my eyes.  

So Ra, the nurse, just drove me crazy!  What kind of nurse cries and gives up when facing an emergency?!  

In the end the community accepted Boma and her mother.  And I think it had a lot to do with Mr. Lee’s way o thanking them as he got ready to join his son.  

Ki Suk became a better doctor as he became part of the Blue Island community.  And I like to think that he stayed.  Maybe Young Shin wasn’t ready for a relationship but I don’t think she really wanted him out of her life.  

If Young Shin and Boma were a miracle to Ki Suk, he was a miracle to them.

I’ve been wanting to see this series for a long time but I hadn’t because it would be a sad story.  But I finally started watching it.  

I’ve been wanting to see this series for a long time but I hadn’t because it would be a sad story.  But I finally started watching it.  

Billy Joel summarizes 4 decades of world history by using names of places, people and events.  It is an amazing way of telling history.  Love this song and the original official video.  This one I just like because it gives us a visual of what the words mean in a historical context.  

"From now on, you are no longer post-it. You are crazy glue."

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The poor man was really holding it down.  He made me laugh so much when he took the cold shower.  If I’d been her, I wouldn’t had been so clueless.  LOL

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Fated to Love You (Korean Version)

I practically devoured this 20 episodes series!  It kept me wanting to see what would happen next.  It was cute the way they fell in love, it was heart breaking when they lost their baby and each other and it was even more adorable the way they got back together.  And in the in between, their families and friends were always there for them.  

Unforgettable story!

Started watching Fated to Love You and I’m already on ep. 6!

Started watching Fated to Love You and I’m already on ep. 6!

Seo Young, My Daughter

50 episode series usually feel eternal and at some point, slow or exasperating, but this one was an exception.  This series had a good pace and it kept me wanting to see what would happen.  It is a family drama where you can see how each person grows and becomes a better person.

Children forget that parents were not always parents and that they had a life as a person before they became parents.  Parents have dreams, love aches, disappointments… We never know our parents, no matter how we think we do.  

This story explores the parent-child relationship in many levels.  Sam Jae had been a good father until he was fired from his job and he made decision that grieved his family.  Seo Young and Sam Gu, fraternal twins, went through a lot of hardship in order to graduate from the university.  When their mother dies, Sam Jae comes to Seoul to live with his children.  But Seo Young is tired of her father and all the wrong he had done to them, so when she meets U Jae, a reliable man that loves her, she denies her father’s existence in order to be accepted by his rich family.  She wants to have her brother in her life but Sam Gu won’t lie about his father, and so he cuts ties with her and lives with his father.

U Jae’s parents had an arranged marriage.  His mother feels lonely and his father cheats on her and treats her like she is nothing.  U Jae doesn’t want to live like his parents and doesn’t want to take the family company.  He wants to continue living in the US, but when he meets Seo Young he decides to stay, follow his father’s footsteps and marry her.  

Ho Jung lives with a controlling mother and a father that is dreamer and works hard for his family.  She wants to break free from her mother and lead the life she wants. When she falls in love with Sam Gu she agrees to go to the US to live with her older half brother, hopeful that once she comes back Sam Gu will give her a chance.

Nothing in life is black and white, there is always a reason behind decisions. Love, trust and forgiveness is what makes life worth living.

The center will hold. Sydney